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Database management, admin and development tool for PostgreSQL
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PostgreSQL Maestro is remote/local database manager for PostgreSQL engine, which is well-known database server software built to support Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris. The program provides full administration capabilities; starting from creating new databases and facilitating full management over the data inside them, exporting data, or even importing it from any SQL file.

One advanced feature is the ability to view current running SQL server processes, variables, tracking dependencies, and generating database reports. Additionally, you can duplicate database objects, and perform backups.

I was able to use this program to connect to my local PostgreSQL server version 9.0 hosted on my Windows server 2008. The overall experience was not very satisfactory: I was able to connect to the server, and select the database that I wanted to manipulate, but the program had a delay of 1-3 seconds each time I performed an operation. This problem is dramatically reduced when you perform the same task again. However, such a problem doesn't exist with the default administration client program that comes with PostgreSQL server. Moreover, Maestro doesn't have any third-party plugins support.

However, PostgreSQL Maestro is also superior to the PostgreSQL client in many aspects; for example, it has the ability to connect to remote PostgreSQL servers via SSH, HTTP tunneling or directly via regular TCP ports. Furthermore, PostgreSQL Maestro can view or upload BLOB objects. It also has a handy query builder and the ability to run SQL scripts. Therefore, I would recommend it for beginners that cannot deal with the complexity of the original administration client.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Powerful yet simple management
  • Handles BLOB objects
  • Database backup and exporting


  • Slower than the original administration client
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